I love food–it’s the one thing we need to live that actually provides pleasure as well.  (If you can come up with another option, let me know.)

I made braised short ribs a few weeks ago and apart from the veggies in the picture, there was some wine and the meat and that was about it.  What a fantastically simple yet incredibly delicious meal.

Or making pizza dough that needs to ferment for a few days for the best flavor.  Putting it together on a Saturday knowing that we’re going to have an above-average dinner the following week is very satisfying.

The one drawback is that it takes time, and with three small children and a busy schedule nobody is usually excited about watching me cook for two hours on a Tuesday evening only to eat dinner at 8 p.m. and fall asleep at the table.  But we’re working on ways to eat well without spending inordinate amounts of time preparing the meals.

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