I started off drinking beer a long time ago–the crappy stuff that craft beer aficionados like to call “MBC” or adjunct lagers.  It tasted terrible, but I wasn’t drinking it for the taste.

A friend’s dad got me into home brewing and I had a lot of fun with that for a while although I never graduated past extract brews.  They were surprisingly tasty (as they would be if anybody just follows the recipes :-), but I didn’t want two cases of the same beer and I couldn’t seen stepping up the expense and time spent to make way more of a single beer than I would ever drink.

I got sidetracked by wine for a dozen years, and then a few years ago a couple guys from my church told me they were brewing their own beer.  That reignited my interest, so for the last few years I’ve been drinking a beer now and again and even seeking out the hard-to-find stuff.  Plus, beer just goes better with some food (wine with tacos just doesn’t cut it!) and it is a nice change of pace.

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